MX7 Pocket Handheld Ultrasound Scanners

BMV MX7 specialized handheld ultrasound scanners enable more clinicians to improve patient care through the power of medical imaging.

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wireless handheld ultrasound that enables whole-body scanning and delivers crystal-clear images.

L12-5  High Frequency Linear

PA HD – Cardiac

Frequency: 1–5 MHz

Max Depth: 18.5 cm

Applications: Designed for bedside cardiac, abdominal scanning and vascular access. Ideal for:Bedside cardiac,FAST, abdominal scanning, also for: Bladder, Lung, OB/GYN, Superficial vascular access


L15 HD - High Frequency

Frequency: 6-15 MHz

Max Depth: 10 cm

Applications: Injections,Nerve, Breast, MSK, Thyroid,Small Parts, Lung, Vascular


L7 HD - Linear

Frequency: 6-11MHz

Max Depth: 12 cm

Applications: Vascular, Lung Also for: Breast, MSK, Nerve, Ocular,Small Parts / Animals, Anesthesia


C2 HD - Convex

Frequency: 2-5 MHz

Max Depth: 38cm

Applications: Ideal for:Abdominal, Lung, OB/GYN

C7 HD - Microconvex
Frequency: 5–8 MHz
Max Depth: 12 cm
Ideal for: Small Parts, MSK, Pediatrics, Speech Therapy Vet. Also for: Abdominal, Bladder, Cardiac, Lung


C5 HD – Microconvex

Frequency: 2-5MHz

Max Depth: 31 cm

Applications: Small Parts,MSK,Pediatrics,Speech Therapy Vet,Also for: Abdominal, Bladder, Cardiac, Lung

MX7 Color Doppler Veterinary Scanner

MX Scanners, with enhanced image quality based on our iBTech+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced beamforming, with dedicated animal presets,is designed to provide trustworthy imaging for animals small, medium and large, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.

L15 HD - High Frequency

C2 HD Vet-Convex

PA HD – Cardiac

C7 HD – Microconvex

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